The Reward

The reward for acts of worship is tenfold up to seven hundredfold, up to many times more, except fasting, for it is Allah Who will reward for it. What that means is that the reward for it is very great indeed. Photo Credit: Liftedhands Packaging 🇳🇬 The scholars said that this is because fasting combines … Continue reading The Reward


💫MONTH OF TURNING POINT 💫 If you don't normally wear hijab throughout the year, let this blessed month be your turning point by trying your best to do so. Fear Allah in all your doing and don't remove it after and let it be part of your dressing even after Ramadan. If you don't normally … Continue reading MONTH OF TURNING POINT


For Indeed,  the heat of Hellfire is far worse  than any heat you can taste  or envisage in this Life. Protect yourself from the Hellfire in which its fuel is human and Jin. For Indeed,  I fear the punishment of Allah,  for those who disobey and transgress. Set a barrier between yourself and hellfire by … Continue reading FOR INDEED