​Al-Muttaqun is a blog created for calling people to Islam. It is also served as a reminder blog for the ummah for polishing up there Deen via reviving of Prophetic Sunnah and obeying the commands of Allah(Qur’an). 

Who are the Muttaqeen? 

They are those who are conscious of Allah. They create a barrier between themselves and Hellfire. 

They perform good deeds in fear (of rejection). They spend the evening in gratitude and the morning in remembrance. They sleep in alarm and awake in joy. They combine knowledge with tolerance and speech with action. 

You will find their hopes are realistic, their mistakes few; their hearts humble, their selves content; their diet meagre their matters simple: their Deen safeguarded, their desires killed & their anger subdued. Good is expected from them & stay away from evil. 


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