If you don’t normally wear hijab throughout the year, let this blessed month be your turning point by trying your best to do so. Fear Allah in all your doing and don’t remove it after and let it be part of your dressing even after Ramadan.

If you don’t normally pray, try to place the mat on the ground and prostrate. Join the congregation and do more of nawafil. Find kushoo in prayer and for whatever reason never abandon prayer.

If you do swear always, try to tone down your voice. Remember, the Prophet never swore back to those who swear at him. But remain silent. Emulate the best being.

If you smoke 🚭, put it away. You may not live long and it becomes Haram cos Allah said we should do away with whatever that is harmful to us.

If you drink 🍻, throw the bottle 🍶 aside. For only Allah removes all our worries and difficulties.

If you chill with opposite gender, break it off. Respect others as you want to be respected. Fornication & adultery only leads to hell-fire.

If you are rude to your parents, try your best to honor them.

If you find yourself lazy both spiritually and physically, begin to make a lot of effort and dua.

Meanwhile, we all love Allah and His Messenger. However there is no best way of honoring the Prophet in these days than to make a change in this blessed month. Change to become a Better Muslim. If the Qur’an was revealed upon a mountain it would have shattered it. Imagine if you let the meaning of Quran enter your heart, It will shatter every atom of bad desires, destroy every mountain of sins and purify you until you are able to gaze on the beauty of the Prophet who was given the Quran.

May this month be your turning point, month of change, and blessing in your life.

It’s never late to become a Better Muslim.


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