Husband and His Role


A husband is supposed to be the one who cures the heart of his wife.
He is her friend, her companion, her support and the one she confides in.
He safeguards her secrets and covers her faults. He drys her tears of pain.
He makes her smile. He brings joy to her life. He trusts her and his love for her is eternal.
He honours her during hardship and ease.
He respects her unconditionally and misses her when she is not around.
He plays and jokes with her to show his affection and he prays with her to show their sacrifice.
He supplicates for their love and blessings to increase, and he asks Allah to gather them together in the palaces of paradise.

This is what the Messenger of Allah ﷺ taught us throughout his blessed life.
This rule can be applied for both genders.

Muhammad Aslam

Assalaamualaikum brothers.

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