​Ramadan: 25th Ramadan, 1438A.H 

Still on Charity… 
Good and evil draw us opposite ways and by opposite motives, and the contrast is well marked out in charity. When we think of doing some real act of kindness or charity, we are assailed with doubts and fear of impoverishment; but evil supports any tendency to selfishness, greed, or even to extravagant expenditure that leads to show-off, or self-indulgence, or unseemly appetites. 
On the other hand, Allah draws us on to all that is kind and good, for that way lies the forgiveness of our sins, and greater real prosperity and satisfaction. 
No kind or generous act ever ruined any one. It is false generosity that is sometimes shown as leading to ruin. 
As Allah knows all our motives and cares for all, and has everything in His power, it is obvious which course a wise man will choose. 
But wisdom is rare, and it is only wisdom that can appreciate true well-being and distinguish it from the false appearance of well-being. 
اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فا عفو عني


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