Refrain from Open and Secret Sin

“Refrain from the sin in form (open) and in spirit (secret)”, that is to say, a human being is enjoined not only to guard against committing deeds that are explicitly and clearly sinful, but he is also to refrain from entertaining evil thoughts. 

Sinful deeds should be committed neither publicly nor in private. In other words, a sin remains a sin whether other people see it or not. 

According to this verse, sins can be divided into two categories: open sins, such as stealing other people’s property; and hidden sins, for example, arrogance, hypocrisy, holding others in contempt, or jealousy. 

Every sin has an external aspect and a more subtle hidden aspect. For instance, some openly do not believe in the existence of Allah, whereas others do not deny Him, but pay no heed to Him either; others set up associates and compeers with Him, and there are still others who have secret idols that they adore without confessing it. These are the hypocrites. 

The aspect of deceit in the hidden idolatry of hypocrites makes them even worse than those with open disbelief. 

Let us refrain ourselves from sin both openly and secretly. And we should also stop doing MUJJAHAROH [when Allah has covered your sin but you come out openly and said I do this, I does that]. 

May Allah سبحان وتعالى forgive us.


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