(These believers are) those who turn to Allâh (in repentance), who worship Him, who praise Him, who fast, who bow down (before Him), who prostrate themselves (in Prayer), who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and who keep the limits set by Allâh. Proclaim to such believers good tidings (of untold gifts in the Heavenly Garden).

Q9: 112
Let us be steadfast and increase in our ibadah. For this last phase of Ramadan, we should all devote our time to our MAKER. 

This may be the last Ramadan. 

Who knows? 
Turn back now before you return to Him.

He has promised the believers good tidings and achieving the utmost goal of seeing Him in Jannah. 
Don’t you want to see Allah on the day of Judgement? 
If Yes, then be in haste and don’t hesitate by obeying His command and follow the sunnah of His Messenger.

Ramadan is going to an end… 

May Allah count us amongst those that will see Him when He lift the barrier on the day of Accountability.


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