The Menstruous Muslimah

Ramadan:12th Ramadan, 1438A.H 

Yes I mean you,that sister, that daughter, that mother,  the few days you hold yourself back from fasting musn’t be wasted. There are a lot of good deeds you can do if you are naturally exempted from praying, fasting and reading of the Qur’aan from the hard copy.
You can do a lot of Dhikr [supplication] while sitting, standing, walking or when even relaxing and expecially when cooking for your family. Never let your mouth went dried but moist your tongue with Dhikr. 

Stop holding yourself back in giving charity because the reward won’t hold itself back but in manifold. 

In this exemption period and always, always reach out to the needy, feed the fasting fellow, stand up in the third part of the night and ask your creator anything your hearts desires in good, and surely He is there to answer you. 

Don’t say because I am impure,I can’t do this I can’t do that, yes we know you can’t do some certain obligatory ibadah, but there are still a lot in which you can do and you will be rewarded. Also never stop encouraging your spouse, children, siblings, parents & your neighbours, in doing good deeds, motivate them and pray for them likewise you ask them to include you in their prayer. 

The moment will come and go, but your reward will remain intact, manifold upon manifold. 

To some they use the moment to start gossiping, backbiting, slandering of their fellow beings not knowing that with that their sin is also in manifold upon manifold. 

Don’t let that unavoidable natural moments[menstrual period]  pass without achieving any good results in it expecially in the month of Ramadan and above all always moist you tongue with the remembrance of الله. 

And that is the best for you if you know.


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