Muslims are peace-maker

ramadan: 9th ramadan, 1438A.H 

muslims are peace-maker… 

in this fleeting world’s chances, Allah’s providence and justice may not always appear plain to our eyes. but we are asked to believe that if we help and support a good cause, we share in all its credit and in its eventual victory. 

and conversely, we cannot support a bad cause without sharing in all its evil consequences. if appearances seem against this faith, let us not be deceived by appearances. for Allah has power over all things.

the necessary correlative to the command to fight in a good cause is the command to cultivate sweetness and cordiality in our manners at all times for fighting is an exceptional necessity while the sweetness of daily human intercourse is a normal need. 

further, we give kindness and courtesy without asking, and return it if possible in even better terms than we received, or at least in equally courteous terms. for we are all creatures of One God, and shall be brought together before Him. 

for all that has been happening in U.K and other cities, investigate before jumping to conclusion. stop labelling muslims as terrorists. we are in the sacred month for God sake. Islam is totally against terrorism. 

muslims are not terrorist but peace maker.


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