Ramadan: 7th Ramadan, 1438A.H 

Allah takes away the souls (of human being) at the time of their death and (also) of those who are not (yet) dead during their sleep. He detains (the souls of) those against whom He passes the verdict of death and sends (back those of) others till a fixed period of time. There are signs in this for a people who would reflect. Q39:42
 “To take away souls” is meant in the sense that the power of choice, self-recognition, and decision is no longer at human disposal at the time of death or when a person is sleeping. 
Just like the soul does not perish in sleep, neither does it do so after death. In both cases, the soul is under Divine control. 
When the sleeper awakens, it is as if Allah, by His leave, gives back the body its soul. The body regains its power of choice, self-recognition and decision. 
For those who die, the soul remains under the Power of their Lord “till a fixed period”. At the end of this fixed period, that is the Day of Judgment, all souls will be raised to life again and judgment will be passed. 
This judgment is passed soon after death for those with whom Allah is pleased, whereas the guilty ones remain in a state that is neither death nor life. 
The verse confirms life after death in a beautiful way that appeals to our reflecting thoughts.
Always remember that the soil you walked on today will be used to cover you one day. Let everyday be your last day. Increase in doing good deeds as if it your last. Who knows? Use the opportunity of this Ramadan. 
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته. 


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