Ramadan: 6th Ramadan, 1438A.H 


O you who believe! Let no people look down upon another people for the (latter) people may be better than they, nor let women (look down) upon other women, who (- the women who are treated lightly) may be better than the other ones. And find not fault in one another (in order to defame your own people), nor call one another by nicknames. Bad is the reputation of wickedness after the (profession of) belief. Highly unjust are the people who would not abstain from what they are forbidden. Q49:11

………… NOTE.. 

Never look down upon them. You are all human beings moving on the same path trying to achieve the same goal. The pious one are known by the Maker. 

If they don’t agree with what you are doing it doesn’t mean they are on the wrong path or out of fold of the straight path instead admonish and encourage them. They might be doing a lot of good deeds out there that you don’t know or don’t do. They do their’s secretly but you publicise your own and lead to show-off. They exercise patience but you think you are at the peak.

Mind you you are far far down the ladder. So don’t look down upon one another. Leave everything for the creator. He knows every of His creations more than you do. So who are you to pass judgement? 

Keep on striving and find no fault in one another. 



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