Do not appropriate one another’s property with iniquity (and by false means) nor seek to gain access thereby to the authorities so that you may appropriate a portion of (other) people’s property by sinful means (and bribery) and that (too) knowingly (that you have no right to do so). 

……… Note……….. 
Besides the primal physical needs of a human being, which are apt to make him greedy, there is another greed – the greed of wealth. 
The purpose of fasting is not accomplished until this other greed is restrained. If we fail to understand, it is as if we have not learned the full lesson of self-denial through fasting.
Ramadan is fast approaching, let us all cleanse our hearts for the blessed month. 
Return all that belongs to others, choose equality or inequality, charity over stinginess, justice over inequity, helping over greediness etc. 
May Allah count us amongst those that will witness the blessed month. Amiin. 

Are you ready? 

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