For some days now, I have been dealing with spiritual low; you know the type where the only thing you seem to do well is your five daily sallah (even with that you struggle with khooshu and getting all your positions right!), hmmm…
As the holy month approaches, I keep praying harder everyday that Allah (S) should help me to overcome this struggle, preserve me for Ramadan and beyond Ramadan and help me to make the most of Ramadan, and so I  pray for everyone who’s looking forward to this month.
There’s no better time in the life of a muslim to reflect, no one expect us to be perfect, there will always be those low days (I personally believe this experience humble us), but what actually matters is to realise this, strive and pray harder to overcome them. Islam is perfect but a muslim isn’t. Islam encourages us to strive for ihsan (excellence) in all of our doings and dealings, islam tells us to seek for moderation in every acts including actions of spirituality. We should therefore reflect upon our journey; where we are coming from, where we are and where we hope to go in shaa Allah.
Ramadan is also an excellent time to recharge, we however shouldn’t wait for the month to arrive on its dot before we start the process, we should strive towards the month. Alhamdulillah, we are now in the month of Shaaban, the perfect opportunity to recharge ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.
For those of us who are yet to make up our missed fasts from last year’s Ramadan, this is the right time. Waking up for tahajjud even if we can only start with once a week, Mondays and Thursdays fast and fasting on the white days during this month (shaban) and frequent recitation of the Quran especially in the early hours after fajr sallah will go along way in preparing our minds and bodies in shaa Allah.
This is the most important yet difficult aspect of it all. The whole essence of Ramadan isn’t the denial of food and drink to our bodies, but the resolve to let go of our negative desires for the ultimate pleasure of Allah (S). I ask myself: “what are those bad habits I resolved to stop from last year’s Ramadan yet I found myself going back to them just few months after?”
May Allah (S) forgive our shortcomings and guide us to the right path.
All being said, let us not forget to specifically ask Allah (S) consistently to make all these easy for us to achieve (Aameen).

Author: Azeezat Salau-Mohammed


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