Regarding those who practise niggardliness and counsel human beings to be niggardly and conceal that which Allah has given them out of His bounty and grace, We have in store a humiliating punishment for such thankless people;

……… Note… 

Some are miserly to the point that they will not even spend their wealth on themselves, let alone spend it for the needs or benefits of the poor. They conceal the bounties Allah has bestowed on them. 
The Holy Qur’an says, “Acknowledge the bounty of your Lord in words and deeds” (93:11). 
The Holy Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) is reported to have said, “When Allâh bestows a favour on any of His servants, He also likes that the people should see the signs of His bounty on him” (Bahr). 

The gifts that have been given to such a servant are his wealth, position, talent, time, and knowledge blessed by his Lord.
We should not be stingy to ourselves nor should we be miser to others especially the needy and orphans. 

Never think what Allah has given you will vanish but it is a test, a test for you to help yourself and other in Hallal way. Allah bounty is countless. 


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