Glory be to Allah

The Beneficent, The Merciful

He gave us another opportunity to witness another beauteous day 

It’s not by our doing but by His unlimited favour 

Many have been lowered into their grave 

Some wake up at sickbay

Few continue from where the war cease.

Allah placed everything in your hand, easy and eath 

Yet we are ungrateful for the gift been granted to us. 

We wine and dine, 

Thinking we can twist the world like a twine

Walking Proudly on the land

Forgetting our purpose on earth

Pointing fingers at others

Yet we forget to check our flaws
Allah called us to success 

Our arrogance make us think we are successful 

Allah promised us Paradise 

Yet we make this world our heaven
Remove all your negative thoughts 

Approach your next steps in life with patience and perseverance 

When you are down with nothing 

Allah is up to something

People will let you down

Allah will always lift you up

Never lose hope in Allah

During hard time He is there

Allah is your best friend 

Consult Him for best advice 

If you feel depressed, worried, and sad. 

Turn back to Allah cos He is your architect. 

Never let people see your sad moment

Smile and pray to Allah over it

Never exposed the flaws of people

Instead correct them and pray for them

Forgo and move forward
At your office, 

Shake and hug hallaly

Put smile on people’s face

Smile like sunshine

Take everything as temporal

Smile over annoyance and workload

World will be astonished with your glistening smile

Let your smile define you 

Smile like there is no tomorrow

Be truthful, loyal and articulate. 

Praised Him today for your tomorrow to be brighter and better than today

Assalaamualaikum Akhi و Uhkti 

Have a wonderful and peaceful week.
Written by: Liftedhabeeb ™ 

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