You have killed it! its time to bury it, chop off that ends girl, bury it and let it go, soon the natural hair will grow just like a plant growing with the commandment of it lord.

Oh you prestigious African woman, where is your hair? Where is that afro that curls in its ends, where is that woolly soft hair Allah endowed you with.

Only you as an African woman is blessed with such full, soft, bouncy and elastic, kinky hair, it is a luxury that Allah crown you with. But our women have been brainwashed, never have we been informed the truth is this ;all hair types be it straight, wavy or frizzy is essentially made up  of the same thing, each strand consists of 3 layers, the cuticle, cortex and medulla, a protein called Keratin is the hair main component, the  shape of  the hair follicle determines the pattern of which the hair grow with, Asian hair grows from a round hair follicle and it is usually bone straight, afro hair sprout from an oval one, so it grows in a spiral like fashion, Caucasian hair can be anything between. 

The Caucasian women still retains their straight hair, northern European  women still retains their blonde hair, and you African women, where is your afro???. Let me take you back to history to where the story of black hair begins, too often do we begin black people story with slavery, when we know fully well that the African story begins in Africa.

Before slavery in the early fifteen century African hair was a distinct form of communication, African hair spoke of age, marital status, ethnic identity, religion, wealth and social status. For instance, in the wolof tribe of Senegal young women would have portion of their hair shaved to tell bachelors that they were single and ripe for picking. Africans knew their hair was beautiful they would spend hours washing, combining and oiling their hair to ensure it remains healthy. African used  elaborate combs, brushes and ornaments like cowries shell to highlight the beauty of their hair. Africans were taken from their homes and sold into slavery in 1700s, when Slaves were taken to America, their African culture was sniffed out by their owners,they lack the combs and herbal hair treatment they used in Africa and were ridiculed for their unkept “wooly” hair. Fair skinned straight hair Slaves commanded a higher price, further diminishing the self worth and value of those with kinky hair, black people were taught that to look European was to look beautiful, they were made to belief good hair was smooth, silky and straight while bad hair was kinky, short and coarse.  After slavery, Black people who styled their hair were considered to be better adjusted. From that point onward black people in North American began to do everything to change our hair texture to look like the straight white hair.  In 1909 Garrett  Morgan invented the first hair relaxer , he was working on his sewing machine in his tailoring shop when he noticed that a chemical he was using  straightened the fibres of a woollen cloth. 

The abolishment of  slave trade compelled the freed slave to want to fix into the white hair culture. But today it has turned another way round, African women now chemically straighten their hair which thereby destroy the natural curly pattern of  the hair and strip the hair of  its natural oil produced in the scalp, we  were brainwashed to believe that our hair is ugly it is so unfortunate that we were misinformed. 

The hair is the woman’s crowning  glory it is a reflection of a woman’s self esteem and identity, but a lot of myths have been planted into our young minds, we carry these all the way to adulthood it is time we uproot them else, we risk planting them to the next generation.

At times we say it is just too hard, that is a big lie because our hair was created soft from cradle, if your natural hair is not as soft as a cotton wool then it must be lacking, you  must have deprived it of vital nutrients. The natural hair is beautiful in its own unique way, it is not hard, it just tend to tangle a whole lot more, my dear sisters Allah’s earth is vast filled with so many natural herbs and oils extracted from plants and fruits, they are not for decoration, they are for your use, use them for your hair, you will love it.

Do you water your hair like you do to your flowers? Just as water grows your plants it grows your hair, and make it rejuvenated. wet your hair daily, your hair loves water. And to the Muslimah hold on to your wudu(ablution) and ghusul, Muslim women observing the hijab u are on track👍🏽, just as you save your skin from the damage of excessive sun and cold, you have also saved your hair from the damage of sun and cold, but do you just wear that hijab without  an under cap or scarf made with satin or silk? Because any fabric made with cotton will strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrient, and that is why it is better to sleep with a satin bonnet when going to bed. Don’t let that hair dry off African women, moisturize it daily to keep it glowing, when last did you wash that hair my beautiful sister, dirt is an enemy to our hair it blocks the pores, breaks the hair and make it weak, wash your natural hair consistently, keep it clean, the scalp needs to breath! do away with hair extensions, wigs and weavons, seriously i cant imagine that on my head.

My heart hurts when African women fix the weavons, my heart bleeds if she is a muslimah, you oil that hair you fix to your head, and abandon the one Allah naturally fix to your scalp, it is even worse when an African woman buys the artificial Afro style weavon may be its because her natural Afro have been killed. African women in kitchen do you throw your rice water away? When Allah has enrich it to work for you, the fermented rice water has a high amount of starch which makes it rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals and pitera, good for  your hair, skin and some other health benefits, apply it to your hair, You will love it. Don’t throw away the tea bag that remains in your cupboard, the black tea stops your natural hair from excessive breakage, stick to your black tea rinse and see how adorable your hair will look. Honey, egg, alovera, oils, milk, yogurts, avocado (pear), banana  and many more will work best to soften your natural hair, Allah made them available for you to use. How often do u give your scalp a light massage which will help blood Flow properly to your head and will in turn boost your hair growth. Do away with the relaxer African women, your natural hair grows just like  the hair of women from other race it won’t stop growing because Allah made it so, the problem is from we African women, out of our negligence it breaks immediately as it grows and so disenable it from retaining length. The African hair is kinky and fragile in nature it wants to be watered, moisturized, pampered and oiled it want you to keep good diet to help it grow. When you apply the relaxer, you have change the natural state Allah designed for your hair, so you killed it with the so called relaxer, chop it off girl and bury it, this can be achieved by transitioning from the permed to natural hair. Most African women like my self were once victims of our mother, those funny moment when mummy put our heads in between her thighs to get our hair chemically processed, to them that is best way for girls hair care, we should not do that to our own daughters, African mothers should learn about children hair care, there are plenty of techniques that can be used to care for the hair u just need to make a proper research. 

Where are the African women with chemically treated hair, we love to follow trends that at times destroy us, are we still slaves to  westernization? Must the whites always dictate the standard for beauty? And to the muslimah what have gone wrong? are we not the people of total submission? Aren’t we meant to submit and accept our natural looks? 
I am a naturalista!  What about you? I love my indomie looking hair, when twisted it looks indomie😋 and when the twist is loosed it looks spaghetti😜. i love its Tenderness i love the feel, I love it when it shrinks and brings that curly looks, I love it when i gently pull the hair and it withdraws its self like a rubber, I love it when it bounces like a Ball used in sport. I love it when it is watered, conditioned and oiled generously to lock in the moisture, it feels so manageable, radiant, and lovely. 

When the African natural hair is well fed, it will then become INDOMITABLE😍. do the big chop my dear sisters, give your natural hair a chance to exhibit its hidden beauty go Back to your natural hair and learn to love it . And to African women who deem it fit to start the natural hair journey, I am saying welcome to the natural hair world!


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