​WARNING ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ 

O you who believe! Do not consume your (- one another’s) property amongst yourselves by unlawful means, rather it be a trade based on free mutual consent. And do not kill your people. Surely, Allâh has been Ever Merciful to you. Q4:29

Note 📝

In the first part of the verse, all illegal methods of acquiring wealth are forbidden. All the property we hold, whether it is in our name or belongs to the nation or to people over whom we have custodianship is in trust, and to waste it is wrong. 

We must also guard women and orphans’ rights concerning their property. 

The expression “rather it be a trade based on mutual free consent” does not mean that the dilapidation of the property by unlawful means can be made lawful by mutual consent. It simply means that we are encouraged to increase property not by unlawful means, but by trade. 

In all lawful transactions, mutual consent of the parties concerned is also necessary.

Habeeb Adelowo 


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