​If we talk, they will say we are terrorists. 

In the early morning in the city of Benin,Nigeria,  Me and My friends[Kabir & Ifrem] went out to buy Àkàrà [Beans cake] and Àkàmù [pap] for our breakfast, unfortunately for us something terroristic happen at the Àkàrà selling point that will make someone go out rage if not for the blessing of Allah that makes us exercise patience. 

As the woman started counting the #200 Àkàrà that we intended to buy then my friend just tap me and say, Habeeb is that not Qur’an. I said Yes, it is. We ask the Àkàrà seller that, are you using that Qur’an to sell Àkàrà too? And he said, Yes, we are/used to use it in selling Àkàrà. 

For walohi, it brings tears to our eyes. 

Dear reader, if we didn’t exercise patience at that place may be something else might have happen now. Because the don’t have respect for others people religion. For them to be using others people religious book for selling food. 

Seriously, It’s barbaric act. 

We told the woman to kindly give us the remaining parts of the Qur’an, that we would like to take it with us. Then she ask us that, Can we read all this………. and that………..?

If you are a Muslim living in Christian land, you are bound to face many problems, calamity, label, all you have to do is to use that Hikmah [wisdom] of yours to let them know what is right and what is wrong, to let them know the true message of Islam from the way they have painted us. Let them know via your character. 

What of if we have started argument with them and it escalates to hullabaloo, the media headlines will be, “TWO MUSLIMS CORPER TERRORISTS IN BENIN CITY” has killed Christain Woman selling Àkàrà. Subhanallah…. 

Many of this has been happening throughout the whole world, the only thing we can do is to talk to them amicably by not causing chaos.

Remember, non-Muslims will not read Qur’an nor Hadith but they will read our characters.


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