​➡And (recall) when We took a covenant from you, ‘You shall not shed each other’s blood and you shall not expel your people from your homes.’ Then you confirmed it (promising to abide by it) and you witnessed (the covenant).
▶ Yet, you are the very people who (violating the terms of the covenant) slay your own people and expel a section from among you from their homes, backing up one another against them sinfully and transgressingly. And if they come to you as captives (seeking your help), you ransom them, while their very expulsion was forbidden to you. Do you believe only in a part of the Script (- covenant) while a part you deny? What is the recompense of those among you (who act like that) except disgrace in this life? And on the Day of Resurrection they shall be given over to the severest chastisement. And Allâh is not at all unmindful as to what you do. Q2:84:85

NOTE 📝 :
The previous verse reminded of the covenant with the Israelites, this speaks of the covenant with the MUSLIMS that they “SHALL NOT SHED EACH OTHER’S BLOOD AND SHALL NOT EXPEL PEOPLE FROM THEIR HOMES”. The verse also refers to the written treaty of peace with the Jews of Madînah (Ishâq). The change of tense from the past to the optative in 2:85 is an allusion to the attempts that Jews broke this treaty and were conspiring with the Makkan enemies of the MUSLIMS.. 


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