​If you banned us from entering your country, we will not relent in promoting peace ✌, doing good to our neighbors, giving charity, helping the orphans and the needy, including the refugee, spreading the message of peace and accommodating you [non-Muslims] in our country because we are all human being. 

What you don’t understand is that, we Muslims are like one body, joined together by electrovalent bond supporting one another in the time of hardship and ease, all with the help of our creator, Allah. 

Our religion prohibits racism, bigots, nepotism, tribalism and the likes. There is no preferential treatment for white over black nor black over white except those that have sincere heart in worshiping of Allah alone. Allah is just and will do justice on everyone of us. 

My respected brothers and sisters, let us rebuild our relationship with Allah, and ask HIM to protect us from the hand of oppressor, rebeller and tyrannizer. 

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was asked “What is the greatest Jihad?” He replied: A word of TRUTH in front of a TYRANT RULER.

Let them know your religion via the best of your character. Allah described our Prophet with the best of his character.

Promote Peace ✌ and Shun Violence. 


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