Learn patience from Asiyah 

Foster mother of the Khallamullah 

Wife of the cruelest king on earth

Died as martyr in his palace 

To her is Jannah and to him is hell 
Learn purity from Maryam 

Mother of the Messiah 

Modest and keeps to her chastity

Her sustenance is directly from Allah 

Daughter of the hopeful parents 
Learn loyalty from Khadijah 

The first wife of Rosulullah 

Alpha feminine to embrace Islam 

Never belied nor mistrust the blessed one 

Generous and philanthropist 
Learn steadfastness from Fatimah

Daughter of the noblest being 

Leaders of women in Jannah 

Wife of the warrior and mother of the twins 

Survive via patience and perseverance 
Learn sincerity from A’isha 
Daughter of the trustworthy 

Wife of the pious being 

Excelled in her knowledge 

Mother of the believers


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