Certainly, you have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allâh for one who hopes (to meet) Allâh and the Last Day and who remembers Allâh again and again. Q33:21
“Certainly, you have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allâh” points to the most significant and the distinguishing characteristic of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Khawaja Kamaluddin in his book ‘The ideal Prophet’ writes: “The greatness of a man does not lie in the working of miracles and wonders, nor does it lie in the preaching of sermons or formulating theories. The greatness of a man lies in the possession of a noble personality. Such a personality should be of everlasting value for his companions and others around him as well as for those who come after him. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had such a personality. He is a man, a Reformer, a Prophet, a Messenger from Allâh to serve as a guide and a model. He is a Prophet in human colours and consequently a true specimen for our imitation. An angel, a supposed god or ‘son of god’ would be different in nature and could not serve as a practical role model to follow. He faces difficulties and surmounts them with means within the reach of a human being. He himself puts into practice all the principles he taught to others. In fact one who has not experienced changes in life cannot be, in every respect, a perfect model for others. From orphan to statesman, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) passed through many different stages of life. Events of diverse nature arose in the course of his care, which demanded the manifestation of various characters. At every stop he was weighed but was never found wanting. A head of the state, a law giver, a judge, a warrior, general and conqueror, a tradesman, a persecuted fugitive, a friend, a son, a father, a husband, a neighbour, and all these characters are mirrored in the most beautiful colours in his single life (أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ ). In this respect he is the only and solitary noble example in history. How can any other personality be taken as an ideal and universal model for the human race if its own life had not been of a universal character? History fails to point out any personality other than him where we find the assemblage of all the virtues that constituted an evolved humanity in such a high condition. Of all he was the bravest, the gentlest and the most charitable. He was exemplary in adhering to promises, doing of justice, fairness in dealing, disregard of distinction, modesty, leniency, sacrificial spirit, sublimity of manners, religious tolerance, right use of the sword, respect for learning and reason. All this procured for him universal respect and admiration. He was the most successful of all religious figures. He effected such a political, social, mental and spiritual transformation the like of which has never been effected in any nation, even by successive generations of Reformers. He aroused men from their death-like sleep and carried them to the highest pinnacle of development. The most debased of sinners became righteous and pious. The most deep-rooted evils were swept away before his words like straws before a hurricane. In short, he was the ideal character, he was the ideal teacher of religion, the ideal expander, the ideal exemplar, the ideal assemblage of virtues and the one who achieved the ideal success”. 
Let us follow his Sunnah. 

MAY Allah سبحانه وتعالى safeguard us all.

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