Muslims, Beware!!! 

I want to use this medium to admonish my respected brothers and sisters in this religion of ours called Islam that there is nothing like Crossover Night /Crossover Tahjjud in Islam. 
One of the delusional moment has come in which they termed/called it crossover night/Tahjjud. 
Crossover is a place where one thing crosses over another. We are somehow compelled by the westerners to be using Gregorian calender in which most of us are following today. In Islam we followed Lunar Calender in which we are in the third month of it called Robiu-l-Awwal. How many of us know that? 
Now many Muslim will tell you that there is nothing bad in it. After all we are all praying to see new year. Subhanallah, Which new year? They have even gone to the extent of modifying it to Crossover Tahjjud. لن. There is nothing like crossover tahjud. Stop wasting your precious time that you have left. Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلم admonished us to sleep early so that we can wake up for tahjud at the third part of the night. Why are you punishing your self by staying awake so that you can witness as the time tickle to 12am and shout happy new year. Ina lillahi wa ina illahi rojiun.
How many of us know that our new day start after the sunset? 
How many of you us know that 

▶ the best day of the year is the Day of Arafah

▶ the best day of the week is Friday

▶ the four sacred month in the year is Dhul Qada, Dhul Hijja, Muharram and Rajab. 

▶ the best month of the year is Ramadan

▶ the best ten night of the year is last ten night of Ramadan.

▶ the best ten days of the year is ten days the year is Dhul Hijja.
Let us seek for beneficial knowledge in our religion and other aspect of life.. 
Muslim have only to Eid[festival] which are Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha. It’s time you tell them that “to you is your religion and to me is my religion” Q109;6..Our own year starts with Muharaam and ends with Dhul hijja in which with that we don’t even celebrate it.
Many will tell you that your own is too much. Is Abdullah not a Muslim or Is Maryam not a muslimah? Didn’t you see that they celebrate new year? 

You are too extreme….. Bla bla bla……. 

Just tell them that Abdullah, Maryam nor you and I will die at the same time,we will not be lower into the same grave together and we are going to be judge individually. 
With this, we must desist from all this devilish/pegan act. We mustn’t say we found our forefathers doing it so there is nothing bad in it. We have been given Qur’an to follow which serves as our guidance and the Sunnah of the prophet. It’s high time we stop following the people of the books. 
Muslims must treat everyday of their life as their last day by doing good deed and glorifying their creator. We don’t say “One day” because we are not the owner of the time. We must let our today better than yesterday. Our to-do-list must be in accordance with the rule and regulations of Islam.
Always remember that you will be accountable for all your deeds in front of Al-Mulk. 
What of our brothers and sisters is Allepo, Barma, Bangladesh, Somalia, Pakistan and where Muslims and fellow human have been marginalized throughout the whole world. Do they have time to waste like the way we are wasting ours when they are using theirs to find shelter, food, security and even glorifying Allah in the hardship they fund themselves.
Let us all stand with what we believe. There is nothing like crossover tahjud nor crossover night. Sleep early, wake up for Tahjjud, read Quran and wait for fajr. That’s how our to-do-list must be. 
Be good to your neighbour and always let your character define who you are and always stand with what you believe. 
I always stand for correction.

Assalamualikum wa rohmatullah wa barakaatuh.


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