​For young muslims, living in a non-Islamic society, the pressures to conform and to be like everyone else are oftentimes overwhelming.

As a young muslim or muslimah, you may be finding it very difficult to even come to terms with your Islamic identity, when the majority of your peers dont even know what being a muslim means, or what Islam is really all about. 

In this day and age, when fitnah is prevalent and when haram things are easily accessible, only Allah knows best what challenges this presents youth are facing. 

But Allah in His Infitite mercy has promised to provide a place under His Shade on the Day of Judgement for those who speak and practice Islam in their youth and old. For Allah to grant such a reward testifies to the difficulties of doing the right thing, and following Allah’s Decrees, when you’re young and old. 

To speak of Islam, for example to your friends and peers, when all around you is talk of the haraam, takes tremendous faith and courage. Let them know the message of the truth by preaching it politely and amicably. 

As a muslim parents and a muslim community, let us support our young people. Let us not sacrifice our youth for the instant gratification of this life. 

We need to continue to demonstrate to them that there exists a practical way of living Islam, from what we say, to how we act and what we wear. 

Remember, Islam is truly a way of life; not just a religion with sacrifice. 

May Allah continue to shower His mercy upon our young muslims as they struggle with all of their hearts and souls to reconcile two worlds, the Western society and Islam society, in pursuit of that shaded place on a Day when there will be no shade. except that of Allah. 


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