​You are being watched, recorded and will be questioned by the Judge {AL-HAKAM}.

And do not follow and utter that of which you have no knowledge. Surely, the ear and eye and the heart, all of these, shall be called upon to account (for it).Q17:36
We know how much of them the earth consumes (and how much it adds to them). We have with Us a book that preserves (everything – the Law of conservation). Q50:4


The Divine Law of Conservation of action is being pointed out to us in “We have with Us a Book that preserves”. Although the past appears to us as “gone”, we are simply moving in time and every detail of the past is preserved. Every act, every sound and every word that is uttered will be conserved (Q50:17-18).

Behold, the two recording (angels) sitting one on (his) right and one on (his) left go on preparing the record (of his deeds).Q50:17

He utters not a word but (it is noted down by) a guardian (angel of his who) stands ready by his side (to record his words).Q50:18

Everything they did is (recorded) in scrolls (of deeds).Q54:52

Mind you, everything, small and big, has been noted down.

On that day none of people nor of jinn will be questioned about his sin.Q55:39

We must always remember that every action, every sound and every word of ours that is being uttered will be conserved and we will be questioned about it.

May Allah be pleased with us on in this life, in our grave and on the Day of accountability.


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