Never Blame Others For Your Failure. 

​You can’t sit there doing nothing & then say this is how Allah wanted me to be. No, yhu are wrong. Allah wants good for his creature. It now up to you to choose the side yhu want to fall into. You have to keep trying to make today better than yesterday! Your destiny lies in your hands. Also as the says goes that everyman is the architect of his own life. God has designed our life for us. It’s now our duty to maintain the structure so that it won’t crumble. Live life to the fullest but never forget the purpose of yhu being in this transient world. Be dutiful to Him, remember Him and always keep to His command, with this yhu will never miss any episode of life. Never waste any moment doing something that cannot benefit yhu but causing harm to yhu. 

Life is ups and downs, people will disappoint yhu, some will call you names, some want yhur downfalls, backbiting and slanderer will say cheerfully say Hello but Hiss behind yhu, other will be jealous and envy you. 

All this is part of reality of life that will always happen. Don’t let them break you. Keeps your head up, if you fall try to stand, if yhu fail try to retry. The fact that yhu fail does not mean yhu are a failure, but it means you about to reach the pinnacle of your success. I can is better that I am not sure.

Always have positive mind and never forget to erase the negative thoughts. #TGIF #KEEPITHALAL.



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