Let us race back to the creator of the entire creation before it’s too late.
Let us stop chasing this materialistic world and be contented with what we have.

Pursing this transient world that cannot benefit us but to doom us.

What awaits you is greater than this world and all that it encompasses.

Race back to Allah before the day break. 

Let us run the race with endurance, patience and perseverance. 

The boon of this world is minimal compared to her bane. 

The boon of the Hareafter is what matter most because it’s eternal. 

Don’t blame yourself if you don’t have the glittering things the non-believers has.

Your Precious abode{Jannah} is waiting for you in hereafter while they have exhausted theirs here. 

Smile when you remember that what awaits you as a believer in hereafter is beyond human imagination. 

All you have to do is to increase your good deeds and always ask for His Favour. 

Abide by His word(Quran) and follow the Sunnah of His Prophet {PBUH} 

Race back to Allah before the Dawn fall

Let’s us remember that those that has everything are those in which their heart ♥ always beat in the remembrance of Allah. 

Let’s us be satisfied with things within our arms length. 

With that we can have peace ✌ of mind and achieve greatness. 


I.G #Liftedhabeeb /Twitter: #Liftedhabeeb  


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