You are the vendor of your soul: either freeing it or bringing about its ruin. You free it by worshiping Allah in love, gratitude and fear; keeping the praises of Allah on your tongue and in your heart; praying and fasting and living righteously ( as Opposed to self-righteously); by showing love and concern for other human beings; and by being true to yourself. 
Allah created you with a unique nature and your uniqueness extends to your own wonderful thought patterns, your special heart, and your soul. You are you, not anyone else.You are different from everyone else in the world because you are you. Respect that, and don’t try to force yourself into an uncomfortable or even impossible mold that someone else has dictated for you. Be true, be you, and free your soul. 

Don’t fear your dreams: cherish them, nurture them, and do your best to live them. Let’s face it, life is short; it passes so quickly, much sooner than we expect, and when we get to the end of the road we will regret only that we suppressed our hearts, and shoved them down into silence. 

Whether or not we succeed or fail, whether we experienced great joy or intense pain. In the end the difference between success and failure in any venture is in Allah’s hands anyway. All you can do is try, and trying is everything. In that sense, there is no failure, because a sincere whole-hearted attempt is enough of a milestone in itself. 

The road may be rough today, never give up, keep going and have faith in Allah because the end of the road is perfectly smooth. 

Always be your brothers keeper in realizing and making their dreams comes true. 



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