Virginity and bleeding during the first time sex.


latestAll praises are indeed due to Allah who has created human beings in the best forms.

VIRGIN: To say someone is virgin, we are actually referring to the sense that she never experienced anything like intra vaginal sexual intercourse.

BLEEDING: In this contest, this is gushing or oozing out of blood from the vaginal.

The cause of bleeding during first sex:

There is a membrane known as HYMEN which covers part of vaginal and leave orifice (hole) for menstruation. This hymen can be of different size and texture from one woman to another. Some women even lack HYMEN completely as God created them without HYMEN. Some hymen are thin while some are thick.

I’m sure you are following…

The bleeding during first time sex is now dependent of what type of hymen is present. If it’s thick, there is high probability that the woman will bleed and if…

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