The issue of disrespect as well as civilization are the issues that prevailed in our contemporary society. 
However, in my myopic thinking and in the infinitesimality of my brain, I will expediently analysed these concepts critically and I will like to define both concepts respectively. 

(1) Disrespect: is courteous behaviour, insult or misbid. 

(2) Civilization: is an organized culture encompassing many communities, often on the scale of a nation or a people, a stage or system of social, political, or technical development or the act of rendering a criminal process civil. Or behaving in a reasonable or polite manner. 

Having clearly defined what disrespect and civilization means respectively, it will be an injustice or an uncleared concepts if I failed to explain further. 

Sincerely speaking, superiority of one being over his/her fellow being has become part and parcel of every human being, but quite unfortunate, what people considered as respect is far different from the content meaning of respect. 

In addition, respect is not all about attaching aunty or uncle, brother or sister  to someones name but strictly based on how you compose yourself in the society, the way you address people, the manner you relate with people and above all the way you present yourself before other fellow being would be the exact way you will be addressed or accepted. 

It is a veritable fact that seeking of knowledge is always in line with disrespect among the knowledge seekers, furthermore, somebody who is truly in need of knowledge be it Western knowledge or religious knowledge must bring him/herself so low to the level of his/her mates, not for anything but just to acquire whatever the desire may be. 

Nevertheless, the noble prophet of Islam said and I quote ” seeking of knowledge became imperative on every Muslims be it man or woman” also “seek knowledge even if it required traveling to China”. Meanwhile knowledge makes people humble and arrogance makes people ignorant. Being an ignorant is not an excuse. 

My dear sisters and brothers, are you gonna quit if somebody of your younger sister’s age insulted you in school? Are you gonna quit just because your Alfa is after your protection in order not to fall in to harmful or evil acts?. 

Surprisingly, dressing in Islam is of great importance and it is also part of our deen. Q 33:59 “Say to your wives and your daughters and the believing women of the believers that they let down upon their overgarments, this will be more proper, that they may be known, and thus they will not be given trouble and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful”.

For example the first disparity between Muslims and people of other faith is dressing. Covering of every part of the body of a female Muslim is quite different from the dressing of a female of other faith. 

Another reference to this point is Q24 :31. And also Allah says ” I created jinn and human being not for any purpose but for them to be worshipping Me” 

My dear sisters, my questions for you goes thus,

(1) Are you dressing to attract or entice men or to please Allah?

(1) Are you painting your finger nails for men to be fascinated? 

(1) Are you showing your hair for everybody to appreciate the beauty and to make them know how expensive it is? 

My sisters, if your answers are yes, then you got it wrong totally, because if you dressed decently, you would be addressed or approached decently. If you paint your fingers for men to appreciate you, have it at the bottom of your heart that immediately after they had satisfied their interest, you became abandoned.

The time is coming when your beautiful hair would be losing value and became faded like grasses in the harmattan session.

Civilization. Hmm! What a pity, what people believed to be civilization is not but total rubbish. Walking half naked, shaking hands with opposite sex, wearing of man’s cloth, painting of lips with different colours for men to appreciate, fixing of the finger nails, losing their hair like animals, and above all sleeping with different man like dog. 

All these obnoxious acts can not fetch the practitioners of these acts good result than bad result. Who is gonna marry a female practitioner of these acts except a man who loss religious value and morally bankrupt.

My dear sisters, please try to imbibe the Islamic culture and apply the Islamic code of dressing in to your daily dressing. 



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