Every individual in the universe endeavors to achieve happiness, satisfaction, and tranquillity and strives by day and night to reach this dream in the field of life which appears like a war arena.

Every individual fights on this field willingly in order to witness the bird of happiness flying over his head so he might live beneath its shadow the rest of his life.

However, it is quite unfortunate to see many individuals having various talents which qualify them to lead a life of happiness and satisfaction subjecting themselves to different factors that could make their souls a toy for discomfort and insecurity.

As a result, they jeopardize the essence of their living and venture into irrelevances of life.

They thus stray from the light of righteousness and also deviate from realistic segment on the path of life.

Lying, stinginess, hypocrisy, oppression, selfishness and other lowly characteristics, are invisible dams blocking the stream of human happiness and perfection.

Manner being a childbirth of humanity, is also an essential factor in successful societies  and in developed nations.

No reasonable human would deny the richly and vital role that manner plays in bringing peace, happiness, humility and felicity to man’s spirit, and hardly would anyone doubt its useful and decisive influence in strengthening the fundamentals of integrity of conduct and thinking at both social and public levels.

Obviously and commonsensically, we can’t find anyone who suffers from honesty and truthfulness, and searches for happiness in the shadow of treachery and lying.

Good moral and manner  are the tools that can be used to bring our society to order from social menace that has ravaged the morality of the integrity of conduct in our blessed society.

That not withstanding,  religion plays vital role in integrating the application of the existing knowledge through the installation of good moral and manner into the reasoning faculties of the nowadays youths.

Religious knowledge is very essential and it behooves every responsible parent to give their children sound religious knowledge as that would serve as checkmate to their conducts.

Doing this would reinstate the lost glory of the society and make its inhabitants to live as happiest people on earth.




  1. Thanks for thus inspirational write up, may Allah continue to guide our path amin. I quick note, there is a mistake at vision statement underneath Almuttaqun guidance blog.


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