Love is a disease and its only cure is to get married to the one you love! 


The first thing Allah gave prophet Adam alayhi wasallam was knowledge and the second thing was marriage! How important! 

The house of the prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam was not a house of indomie and spaghetti, it was a house of ibadah, as well as a house filled with love and ecstacy! The prophet was very romantic and sweet to his wives!

It was narrated that, every morning, the rasul salallahu alayhi wassalam would greet all his wives from one room to another with tasleem! How many men do these today?

The ummahatul mumineen radi Allahu anhunna reported that, the prophet would NEVER pass by any of them around the house witout doing something lovely to that person (winking, kissing, hugging, poking, touching her jilbab, smiling), and if he doesn’t do any to one of them, it means the prophet is angry with that person!

# Subhanallah, he expresses anger wit silence. 

Aisha radiAllahu anha said, the rasul salallahu alayhi wassalam NEVER raised his hands to hit any woman or slave (abu dawud). 

The prophet never made of his wives shed tears for even one day despite being married to over 12 wives, today, some men cannot even make only one woman happy!

The rasul salallahu alayhi wassalam would race with his wives, eat from the same cup and plate with them and adorn himself for them and he was the most handsome man to ever exist!

Narrated Aishah (RA), I used to comb the hair of Allah’s Apostle during my periods.”.. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume7, Book72, Number808)..

The prophet saallalahu alayhi wasallam would recite Quran while resting his head on the laps of aisha while she is menstruating! How many men go near their wife when she is impure?

The prophet would kiss his wives after ablution! How many men do this?

Allah said, in the messenger of Allah is the best example for you to follow. 

Many couples lack romance in their marriage too! They stop saying (I love you) after 2yrs of marriage! Say it forever even at the age of 100! سبحان الله 

Race with your spouse! Teach ur spouse how to drive! Cook together, play together, drop your phones and spend time together with FULL attention, buy gifts for eachother, write (I love u) on a small note and hide it under ur spouse’s pillow or bag or cupboard or pocket! Whenever he/she sees it, it will definately attract a smile. ☺ 

Make ur house lively and lovely, not a library! To hell with valentiine, celebrate 🎉  your own love everyday!

Teach ur wife the deen, buy her nikabs, jilbab, socks and gloves that matches the same colour! # MA_SHA_ALLAH

Help her when she is dressing up, learn how to tie nikab for her! Spray perfume on her when she is at home, do balloon fights, play games, hide and seek, gym together, do boxing, do the chores together! Wake her for tahajjud with a peck! Send her text messages from ur work place! When u travel, chat with her on whatsapp/BBM. If u have more wives, then a GROUP CHAT will be a good idea!

Sisters too

One day, Whenever ur husband has gone to work, rush all the chores, clean all the cleanables and dust all the dustables, prepare his favourite meal, on the fans and AC! Prepare the bed room. Pink background colour is not a bad idea! Govtake ur bath and wear a seductive swaggerlicious attire! Then spray perfume and sit in the centre chair in the sitting room waiting for him!

So that when the young man returns from a hard day’s job sweating profusely, as soon as he opens the door into the house, the first thing he sees is his 2nd half (WIFE)  cross legged looking pepperisticall smashing and smiling on her FACE, with this  his love for u is sure to increase!

Save ur marriage from divorce, don’t ignore the little things that can strengthen ur love, there is NO shyness between spouses! Dance for him if u are able to! Bath together! Escort him to the car always! 

May Allah سبحانه وتعالى bless our union and make our home 🏡 a happy home. انشالله. 

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