1) A home where Arabic is not spoken except the Tasleem only.

2) A home where kids are not woken up for fajr but woke

early for school.

3) A home where dogs are kept as pets.

4) A home where father & son watch supersport together,

mother & daughter watch arewa24,zee tv and Hausa movies.

5) A home where mothers & daughters wear scarf instead of Hijab.

6) A home where everyone goes late to jummu’at prayers.

7) A home where members enter the bathroom without saying azkar.

8) A home where music still rocks even during Ramadan.

9) A home where everyone eats separately whereas eating

together is regarded as old – fashioned.

10) A home where the first person to wake up for fajr wakes up after the sun rises.

11) A home where men pray in their rooms rather than going to the masjid.

12) A home where men shave their beards & women disgrace their hairs.

13) A home where the only Islamic book is the Qur’an.

14) A home where the holy Qur’an is kept in the cupboard until Ramadan.

15) A home where no one knows how to wash or bury

a corpse. If someone dies, they have to call a Mallam.

16) A home where western education is the priority whereas no one can read complete Fatiha with Tajweed.

17) A home where people eat with spoon on one hand

& fork on the other. The list is endless. What a fitnah befalling muslims nowadays!

Please share this message to your Muslim brothers & sisters. For WE MAY TAKE NOTE AND Transform OUR HOMES INTO ISLAMICALLY ORIENTED.


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