Accepting advice from others

And when we say clean heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are just a person who’s non judgmental. You see sometimes they say “Don’t judge me” when you’re giving them advice. You say “Brother you’re not supposed to be go to the nightclub”, “Hey stop judging me”, “What are you talking about, we’re just advising you.” So don’t use the term “Do not judge me” in order to run away from advice. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the scholars
or for those who want to advise others. “Sister your hair is supposed to be covered, sister you’re supposed to be dressing in a proper way”, “My brother you’re not supposed to be bouncing around on the street with your backside half
showing”. Allāhu Akbar. “Stop judging me”, “Well your backside’s judging you!” Allāhu
Akbar. And this happens and we get these answers on a daily basis. Well to be honest nobody’s judging. But it does not mean that if a person has uttered these type of words that their heart is dirty. No brother, sister! They are
advising you for your better.

Wallāhi it is a difficult age that we are moving in because people do not realize that when others are reminding you to purify your
soul, your heart, they are not judging you. They are helping you. They are giving you a
word of encouragement. Don’t just give that answer. That is an answer that sometimes the
globe gives in order to get away with murder, to keep on committing sin. “We will not judge you, we love you my sister but we don’t love your bad habit. We love you my brother, we don’t love your bad habit.” May Allah purify our soul and safeguard us. Amiin.


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